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Meraki Mesh Netwoking

Meraki Mesh Networking Meraki Mesh is easy but it can be tricky at a time in my recent deployment, which was a point to multipoint. Below are some tricks to make sure they come up fast. Have your AP’s (Gateway AP and Repeater AP’s) added to your network? 2. On Dashboard configure the Static channels… Read More »

Making a APoS Survey Kit

Making a APoS Survey Kit Site survey kit is required to do an AP on a Stick site survey, which simulates the RF foot print at a given location, this is one of important aspects of deploying to WLAN to better understand how the RF behaves in every environment. Idea to build a custom site… Read More »

Ekahau Templates Save the Day

Since i attended the ECSE class in March 2017, i have been using ekahau templates. Its not just a huge time saver but also takes out any human error that might come in while copy pasting. Best part about these templates is you don’t need to be a developer. You can just use the sample templates… Read More »

My CWAP Experience

I had done my CWDP Oct 2016 and next one in my list was CWAP, I had already had couple of reference books that I had been using CWAP – Sybex official guide Next Generation Wireless LANs 2nd edition by Eldad Perahia Since I had to give the new exam (402) so I wanted to… Read More »

Mounting AP’s with Drop Poles

  In an RF design the most expensive part is to run the cables and mount the APs. Also its quite costly to re-position or relocate AP’s so its very important we get this one right. AP placement would also be the key for you to meet your design requirements, getting close to users is… Read More »

Couple of Warehouse AP mounting Ideas

Goal of this blog is to share couple of ideas that can be used while mounting the AP’s in the warehouse environment. You would still need to follow the best practice while designing your WLAN. Another thing to watch is making sure you have the compatible connectors for AP’s and Antennas, this causes lot of… Read More »

Fortinet AP Percentage to dBm Mapping

If you are working with Fortinet AP’s you will notice that the transmit power in the GUI is in percentage, In the command line you have the option to select dBm but if you like to set the power in GUI you will need to know the percentage to dBm mapping. if you use auto… Read More »

Decrypt 802.11 Frames in Wireshark

Just to set to expectation this is not any hacking blog post. Goal here is if you know you preshared key and you want to see upper layer details to troubleshoot your problem. This comes in handy if you know your WLAN is performing good and you suspect application is the culprit. Things you need: Way… Read More »

My Take on – ECSE

ECSE: The Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer I have been an Ekahau user from last 3-4 years but I always wanted to be part of a ECSE class as there is always room to learn more, Last week I got a chance to sit in one of the ECSE classes conducted in Toronto, taught by Blake… Read More »