RF Predictive Modeling for New Site

RF Predictive Modeling for New Site Recently had a request to do an AP placement for an office floor which was under construction, client wanted to know the location of the Access Points before the walls / ceiling go up. Now only option left here was to do a predictive modeling to figure out the… Read More »

Spectral analysis using Cisco Clean Air

Introduction Spectrum analysis is a must have tool for a Wi-Fi engineer, it can be used for troubleshooting, look for interference caused by other technologies that use the same frequencies and also to measure the noise floor at a location before deploying Wi-Fi.  Also its very important to know that a Wireless NIC cannot be used… Read More »

How Ekahau Became my Best Friend – Part 1

As a WLAN administrator / Consultant we all need to use various tools everyday to make sure our Wireless network is performing well. I myself have a long list of tools in my wish list but then there are some that I already own, I have to say one of my favorite would be Ekahau… Read More »

Don’t use just because its available

These days I see a lot of push to use to wider channels as that’s the reason lot of enterprise are buying new AP’s. As marketing told them you will get great speed. But the big question is,are really giving you those advertised speeds specially when you deploy them in open offices with more than… Read More »

Where to Start Digging When New to WiFi

There is lots of good information all around so it becomes very important that we start in the right direction. If you end up digging in the wrong direction you might be gaining knowledge but you will be getting away from the real 802.11 standard. In today’s market there are lots of bad Wifi deployments… Read More »