Ekahau Templates Save the Day

By | January 8, 2018

Since i attended the ECSE class in March 2017, i have been using ekahau templates. Its not just a huge time saver but also takes out any human error that might come in while copy pasting. Best part about these templates is you don’t need to be a developer. You can just use the sample templates to generate your reports and modify the template as per your own requirement.

Lets start with some thing very basic first. Last week i was talking to one of my pre-sales engineers  and he was trying to find coverage area square footage on a floor plans so that he could estimate the number of AP’s (This is for budgeting purpose only and the actual number of AP’s required would be determined with a proper design)

Now the challenge with estimating the coverage area is the shape of the floor plan and deduct the area that does not need coverage so its not always a simple rectangle where you could do a AxB and come up with the sq foot area.

Some floor plan could look like below with some area not part of the coverage.

Good News was the presales engineer had ekahau but to find out the area he would scale the map and then break the floor plan into small sections(rectangles, triangles and circles) to calculate the coverage area. This task can be very daunting specially if you have multiple floors to do. If there is any task which is repetitive for you in ekahau, its a must to do a template for it and this will save you hours if not days.

After searching for the tags for coverage area I came out with some thing as simple as below

Now go back to ekahau

  1. Scale the Map
  2. Mark the coverage are
  3. Exclude the area that is not part of the coverage area.

Click on the icon to generate a report using customizable template.

This will take less than 15 seconds or may be a little longer based on how many floors do you have in your ekahau file. The output will open a word document with the coverage area you are after.

The above example demonstrates  how a simple templates can make a process in ekahau easy and time friendly. I personally would highly encourage everyone to play around with ekahau templates.

For More information on this one Nick Turner did a presentation at the Wlan Pros conference Lisbon on Ekahau Custom Report Templates

Nick has also shared some of his templates on bit.do/ekahau-custom-report-templates

Support page for ekahau templates


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