Couple of Warehouse AP mounting Ideas

By | April 24, 2017

Goal of this blog is to share couple of ideas that can be used while mounting the AP’s in the warehouse environment.

You would still need to follow the best practice while designing your WLAN. Another thing to watch is making sure you have the compatible connectors for AP’s and Antennas, this causes lot of headaches if you don’t pay attention.

Mounting the AP’s: one of the challenges are to spot your AP’s once the installation is done. Lot of time I have seen technicians use ply wood board, then mount the AP’s on them. For my installation, I requested them to use an Orange paper so that the AP’s can be spotted from far.

Labeling: Another crucial part is the make sure you have the AP labelled so identification becomes easy later. We should use biggest possible sticker so that can be easily read from the ground. Another label that can go on the ply board is the Cabinet on which the AP would be terminated.

External AP’s when mounted need to have Drip loop to prevent water from going in the building and tape the connected to save them from water.

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