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By | March 15, 2017

ECSE: The Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer

I have been an Ekahau user from last 3-4 years but I always wanted to be part of a ECSE class as there is always room to learn more, Last week I got a chance to sit in one of the ECSE classes conducted in Toronto, taught by Blake Krone. Content that was covered was great and focus is to make sure you understand the basics of 802.11 before you start using the software.

I personally would recommend basic CWNA knowledge if you want to get most out of this class.

Day 1:

  1. 802.11 Standard
  2. 802.11 basics
  3. Antennas, Read polar charts
  4. State Machine
  5. Arbitration Process

Summary: it’s a Crash course for CWNA

Day 2:

  1. Paper survey
  2. Office & warehouse Practise
  3. Various virtualizations available in Ekahau
  4. Working with CAD drawing

Summary: Paper survey is to make you realize when you throw (Spray and Pray approach) AP’s on a Floor plan 95% of the time you will not meet the requirements and your design fails.

Day 3:

  1. 3D building
  2. Best ways to do survey
  3. Validation survey best practise
  4. Do a validation Survey
  5. APoS (AP on a Stick) – Do’s and Don’t
  6. Troubleshooting with Ekahau

Summary: Looked at best practises using Ekahau for Validation and Analytics

Day 4:

  1. Reports
  2. Spectrum analysis

Summary: Went over reporting templates, again it’s a amazing feature and can save you tons on time once you gets your hand on it.

Last thing on Day 4:

Exam time: This is when you are tested on what you have learned in last few days and you do a design for a WLAN deployment before you are handed your Certificate.

My favorite take away’s

  1. Don’t move your Auto placed AP’s on Ekahau – This makes Ekahau think the data collected needs calibration and it skews with your data that was collected.
  2. Anything less than 3 feet don’t draw walls for it as devices being used are above 3 feet.
  3. SNR is still calculated with NIC -300 and not the DBX.

There were many more such valuable lessons so I highly recommend taking the next ECSE course if you are an Ekahau user.

What I’ll be working on to take more out of Ekahau – Create reporting templates for my customers to make me more efficient.

Also looking forward to Ekahau 9.0


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